Introduction to our council


Purpose of establishment

World's industrial structure is rapidly changing from manufacturing industry to service industry. And, the more the country is advanced, the bigger the portion taken by service industry. In our country too, the government takes the lead in preparing a road map for the advancement of service industry. So, our interest in R&D and the communities between service industries is increasing; the market for service industry is expanding; and the commercialization of manufacturer¡¯s service is now in rapid progress.

The importance of ¡®Service Design¡¯ as a practical technique for service innovation is expanding and the advanced countries with developed service industry estimate that ¡®Service Design¡¯ will develop as an important profession and professional industry in near future. Thus, the successful cases of service innovation in the public sector led by design companies arrest more of social attention.

In our country, the advancement for the service industry is very active, but the service design industry is still in the early development stage. The demand for service design is expected to grow, as the service industry develops, but until now, the awareness for service design is still low for both the suppliers in service design industry and consumers. Thus, it is difficult to expect the natural expansion of awareness through the market competition.

In this context, the establishment of Service Design Council accompanies the duties of the times to provide the core values for the advancement of domestic service industry and the responsibility for the qualitative growth and the innovation in service design industry. To justify the success in service design industry, the management level and staff of Service Design Council and the members will endeavor to establish the seamless cooperative system with the persons concerned regarding service design industry(service design specialized companies, service design user companies, the colleges fostering service designers, and the authorities encouraging the new business) and promote the service design industry through sharing knowledge regarding service design and active participation.


Business objectives

- Spread service design awareness and expand the market through the effective communication with service design user companies

- Secure the successful cases in the private and public service design sectors through the enhancement of the competence of service design providers, ¡®Design enterprises and Designers¡¯.

- Strengthen service design based competence through the studies on the applicable generic techniques in the colleges fostering service designers or the industry-university collaboration

- Exchange the information relating to service design with the professional institutions both home and abroad and establish the network with them.

Our council, through the activities as above, aims to take the leading role in advancing domestic service industry through securing the wholesomeness of service design industry.

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